Among the solutions offered by our company we can mention:

  • Mechanical and electronical design

We offer the design of a mechanical or electronical product from idea to the final product. We cooperate tight with our customers in order to elaborate the concepts and to find the solutions so that the processes will be deployed in optimal conditions.

  • Testing of electronical products

We offer solutions for testing of electronical equipments, solutions which include hardware and software in order to automate the testing process.

  • Software implementation for systems with microcontrollers and for PC

We implement specialized software for control systems with microcontrollers used in different fields, as well as software for PC.

  • Programming and integration of KUKA industrial robots

Our team of specialists in KUKA robots can offer you different solutions for your requests in case of usage of KUKA industrial robots. We realize the commissioning and the programming of these types of robots, programming of industrial controllers, design of production cells and integration of the robots in this kind of cells. We also offer specialization courses for KUKA robots, courses after which authentic KUKA certificates will be received.