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The high interest of the foreign partners for the Romanian market led to the foundation and development of some specialized companies in all fields. At the base of the development of some products are the design, experimentation, construction and test of some prototypes and afterwards the series production.

Considering the long experience in these fields of the founders of the company, the production of some hardware and software products in the field of electronics, mechanics and industrial automation was fully possible.

Starting with the cooperation with the company Solectron, then Schmitz Cargobull, KUKA and continuing with the development of other cooperation relations, the company started to develop. Founded in year 2004 with the aim to satisfy the needs of some companies in the field of electronic equipments testing, the company started to develop, step by step, projects of a more raised diversification, today being able to develop complex projects and to implement them in the practice, based on partnership relations with manufacturing companies in the country.